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Our Story

New Smyrna Beach Depot - Washington Street Crossing Consignors Depot
Florida East Coast Railway

Dear Shoppers,


It is no secret that unique and aged items are of many people’s interest. We established Washington Street Crossing Consignors Depot in April 2018 because we believe that interesting items that were once owned, cherished and taken care by another can find a home with someone new. Furthermore, it has always been our love to find such items and find people who would have the need for them.


After years of utilizing the internet and other means of locating and selling items alongside a partner who shares the same love and passion that I do, it was only time before my wife, with my support, provided a new building or actually an old dilapidated one (which now has been refurbished) to sell the many items she and other consignors want to proudly display.  


We are honored to be part of New Smryna Beach community, especially the historic west side.  NSB is a diverse community that is rich in history, starting with a true sense of southern hospitality centered around many houses of worship and steep in the success of Henry Flagler's dream to link all towns on the east coast of Florida from Jacksonville to Key West through the East Coast Railway. This is why our logo and building, which we call the "depot," honors the men from the historic west side and our renovated building attempts to resemble the once standing New Smyrna Beach Depot.

Our goal is to keep our trackside setting a unique and fun place to shop with something for everyone.  We realize building this business will take time and dedication, especially finding items throughout the country. Because of this we will stay closed for the hot summer months of July and August, so we can take to the road with our trailer in tow and hunt for these timely treasures. Our website and social media pages will keep you updated of our journey.


We hope your experience at our business is more than just an experience in buying or selling, but knowing that it is important that we preserve and honor the past.  The items we sell all have a story and we hope those can continue for someone else.





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